I am a visual artist of Greek heritage and unconventional childhood.

Coming from a family of makers that include wood carvers and icon painters, I lived underground in Coober Pedy until I was 12. My opal mining father, who also worked at Adelaide’s Botanic Gardens, has been a profound influence on my work which frequently evokes opal like forms and desert colours (and the occasional fish).

It is the colour blue that always seems present in my paintings, whether as a rich royal or delicate turquoise, or sometimes just hinted in the shadows. I can’t do wishy washy. A teacher once suggested I “throw the paint on” and I do this with skill, adding to the tactile quality of my work.

My grandmother traveled from Greece to Broken Hill and this journey inspired one of my earliest paintings. I then moved from Coober Pedy to Adelaide and then to a small seaside town in Victoria. Family mementos, such as my father’s photographs from the 1950s, have also inspired a series of paintings including Memories and True Love.

It is in my cornucopic flowerscapes where everything is revealed –overflowing vases of indigenous and exotic flowers set against backgrounds of blue, ochre and yellow, where desert colours collide with Greek gardens and where some of my vase collection can make a decisive appearance.

My studio is home in St Leonards, Victoria a small seaside town surrounded by vineyards, farms and beautiful beaches where flora and fauna flourish and is my inspiration…I am blessed to have a beautiful garden which has given me an artist gardener influence in my work…it is also the colour pallet of nature which gives me a wide choice to work from… there is no better place to find new creative ideas…the choice is endless.

Most days would find me in my studio, which I call my haven, my sanctuary. There are days where I paint with a specific scene in mind and there are times I paint not knowing where it will lead, how it will end. This is the journey and the adventure that I love.